6 Things to Do When You Get a New Job

Posted by Nicole Williams on 01 July 2016

Starting a new job is a seriously exciting thing to do, but it can also be very very nerve wracking. You’ve aced the interview, met the team and now you’re gearing up for your first day in the office, with your awesome new job title. So to make the most of your first weeks and months within your new office, here are some things you should do.

1) Create relationships.

Now I’m not saying go in and date one of your co-workers. An important part of your job is the way you work with your colleagues. You’re going to be spending every day around them, so you might as well get to know them. Figure out your company culture and how things work. Do people eat lunch together or does everyone go off separately? Are meeting scheduled or is it more of a casual chat? If your coworkers are going for a drink after work, make an effort to go with them.

2) Set yourself some goals.

Chances are, your boss will have some tasks lined up for you to do. However, you should also think about some personal goals you can do within the office. Sit down with your boss and discuss what they want from you in regards to the role. It’s a good idea to figure out how success is measured and work out what you need to do to achieve that.

3) Make your mark.

This could be anything from decorating your office space to having a big role in a new project. Make sure you’re being noticed by your boss for a good reason and not because you’re doing something wrong. Work hard, get things done and you’ll have a big impact within the office.

4) Pick a ‘silly questions’ answerer.

You’re going to have lots of questions about your job and the way the office works, so pick someone who seems friendly to answer them. Some companies will allocate a ‘buddy’ to teach you things, but if your company doesn’t pick the friendliest person in the office. You might think your questions are silly but i promise, they’re probably quite valid.

5) Remember you’re not the first ‘newbie’.

Whether it was two or 20 years ago, every single person had to be new once, so don’t stress yourself out. Everyone knows how you’re feeling and if they’re nice, they’ll help you to settle into the office and get rid of your nerves. Panicking is natural, but there’s absolutely no need for it.

6) Rest and reflect.

Starting a new job is tiring. Even if you’ve worked the same hours before, you’ll be feeling overloaded with information and mentally exhausted. Take some time to chill out, reflect on the day and what you want to do differently and process your day. Make sure you get a good night's sleep, plenty of nutrients and drink enough to keep you hydrated and fresh. You want your work to be the best it can, so you have to make sure your mind is in the best shape.