7 Questions You Can Ask in a Job Interview

Posted by Nicole Williams on 04 July 2016

You’ve bagged an interview, you’ve prepared answers for the questions they may ask you, but have you prepared for questions you can ask when the time comes? Asking questions is a good way to show the interviewer that you’re enthusiastic and engaged with the role. If you’re really really stuck for questions to ask, here are a few that will give you a basis to start from.

“How would you describe the culture and working environment here?”

This is a great way to get a feel for what it would be like to work there. They will be able to tell you about how the staff interact and whether people in general like to work there. You can judge by the way they answer the question as to whether you would be able to enjoy working there, should you get offered a job.

“Why do you like working at the company?”

Asking this type of question flips the interview experience back to the interviewer. If the question is hard for them to answer, that’s probably not a great sign. However, if they can’t stop talking about things they love about the company, that’s a fantastic sign that the role is a good one.

“What kind of challenges does this department face?”

This question will show that you have considered that the role can be challenging and are willing to overcome them. It also gives you an opportunity to talk about what skills you can bring which will help to overcome these issues.

“What is the career progression like in this role?”

This question tells the interviewer that you are looking to progress in the industry. It shows that you have ambition and are passionate about what you do. It also shows them that one day they might be considering you for a higher position within the company.

“Are there any training or development opportunities available?”

This will tell you if the company is willing to help you further your skills or training within the industry. Only ask this question if it is applicable, as not all industries need more training. Asking this question will show your willingness to learn within a professional setting.

“How will I know if I’m doing well?”

Checking performances of a new employee is something every company should do. The question will show that you are interested in performing highly and are aware of any goals you should be meeting.

“Why did this role become available?”

This is great for shedding light on aspects of the company. First, you’ll find out if employees are quitting, and why, or if the company is simply growing and are looking to add to an existing team.

The biggest thing you should avoid within this situation is to say “no, I don’t have any questions.” This is your biggest chance to gain an insight into the company and how it works. Asking questions is your chance to get any information which you might not find online anywhere.