Is Discrimination against Disability Still a Part of the Workplace?

Posted by Nicole Williams on 21 December 2016

A university graduate who applied for a huge 400 jobs without receiving any response has been forced to remove his disability from his CV. Daryl Jones has been job hunting since graduating six months ago, but didn’t even receive a reply from employers. However, this changed when he hid all evidence of his disability from his CV and applications.

The 27 year old, who suffers from Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder which affects the connective tissue and can leave him wheelchair bound, began to look for work after completing a degree in business and marketing.

After months of searching, Jones took desperate measures and concealed all evidence of his disability, including the fact that he played disability sport and founded a charity called Disability Sports Humber.

Since then he has received 12 interview offers. However, he is still unemployed and feedback from his interviews now claim that he does not have enough experience or that other applicants are better suited to the job.

Mr Jones said he had lots of other skills on his CV, but many of them had to be removed in order to get ay interviews. His condition does not stop him from being able to work, except for physical jobs.

Do you think disability is still discriminated against in the workplace? Have you had any experiences with discrimination, either for disability or any other reason? Let us know!