Office 'Cake Culture' Needs to Stop, According to Experts

Posted by Nicole Williams on 05 January 2017

January; the time for New Year’s resolutions of dieting, fitness, and improving your lifestyle. Or is it January; the time of year when everyone brings in leftover cake and christmas chocolates and biscuits to work and the whole office fills themselves with sugar to combat their post-festive back-to-work mental breakdowns?

Either way, experts are now advising that ‘cake culture’ in offices needs to be stopped as it causes poor oral hygiene and obesity. The practice, in which staff continually bring in sweet treats to celebrate birthdays or as presets from holidays should be stopped in 2017, according to the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS).

Nearly two thirds of adults in Britain are currently overweight or obese and nearly 64,000 over-18s were admitted to hospital last year because of tooth decay.

Workers are also told that it can be insensitive to bring cake and treats into the office as some people might be secretly dieting or not able to eat them for health reasons, making them feel left out and isolated from the rest of the team.

Dentists suggest that employers should help their staff to make healthier choices by swapping snacks in meetings for plain nuts and fruit instead of biscuits and by removing sugary products from vending machines and canteens.