Top UK Cities for 2017 Jobs Revealed

Posted by Nicole Williams on 11 January 2017

Finding a job in the UK is getting harder and harder for many people, especially after the vote for Brexit is causing many companies to rethink their UK services. However, the best cities for finding a job in the UK have now been revealed, and the results may surprise you.

The data which comes from research by CV Library, which analysed the average number of jobs in the UK’s key cities in 2016 found that Liverpool, Edinburgh and London were the three best cities to find a job, with 23%, 20% and 19% of all UK jobs respectively.

Portsmouth and Southampton both sit just outside the top three, with 18% each, whilst Manchester beat out the UK’s City of Culture, Hull, with 17% to it’s 15%.

Cardiff (14%), Glasgow (13%) and Bristol (13%) round off the top ten in the table, with no mention of England’s ‘second city’, Birmingham even in the Top Ten.

However, whilst there were more jobs available there was also more competition for these roles, according to the study. Applications rose by 24% in Liverpool, 10% in Edinburgh and 9% in London, and these cities weren’t the only ones with significantly more applications last year. Birmingham’s applications rose by a huge 35%, whilst Hull’s rose by 17% and Leeds were up by 15%, with all figures expected to rise significantly in the New Year.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, comments, ‘It’s great to see the job markets in these key UK cities performing so well, and it’s particularly good news for local job hunters who are looking for work this January. Applications are up, and this figure will inevitably rise this month as candidates embark on a fresh start in their careers.

‘Liverpool, London and Edinburgh are some of the UK’s largest cities so it’s fantastic that there are some great work opportunities for candidates this New Year. Furthermore, it’s clear that job growth was witnessed across the South, North and Wales, which is a positive indication that business confidence is strong across the nation.’